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By Peter David

With the autumn of the traditional Thallonian Empire, civil warfare threatens the planet of Zondar. the arriving of the U.S.S Excalibur is greeted with aid and social gathering by means of the nervous population, and Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, clean from his cataclysmic get away shape the Thallonian throneworld, is acclaimed as their prophesied savior. yet one believer's messiah is another's blasphemer -- and a primary candidate for martyrdom.
When Captain Calhoun is captured, Lieutenant Commander Burgoyne needs to locate him sooner than an alien fleet introduced a holy conflict opposed to the Federation!

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Burgoyne back to hir quarters, feeling heavy-hearted and despairing. S/he sank into hir overstuffed sofa. the pc used to be beeping at hir, indicating a message was once being held for hir. “Computer. Message. ” The monitor got here on and Calhoun’s face seemed on it. “Chief,” he stated, “we’ve acquired permission from the Zondarians to discover the caves and equipment on their international, in Ontear’s Sacred Realm or no matter what it’s known as. There looks large power there for discovery. And optimistically it's going to supply a few solutions to a couple impressive questions now we have. for those who get in, coordinate with Lieutenant Soleta. ” Burgoyne nodded, as though Calhoun might see hir. “And Burgoyne, thank you back for saving my ass. I owe you one, Burgy,” further Calhoun. The display blinked out. Burgoyne sighed. It used to be transparent that s/he wasn’t going to get a holiday. there has been nonetheless that strange power scenario within the engine room that s/he needed to discover. And now there has been this mysterious alien equipment, which did carry a few fascination, yet nonetheless … Burgoyne felt drained. Wrung out. “A fast rest,” s/he acknowledged to hirself. “Five mins won’t kill an individual. ” S/he rose and entered hir bed room. Selar used to be anticipating hir. Burgoyne blinked in shock to work out the health care professional status there. She seemed relatively recovered, even if there have been nonetheless bruises on her. Reconstructive surgical procedure had repaired the wear to her ear. Her gaze used to be regular, her demeanour calm and picked up. No. No, it wasn’t. Her physique begun trembling the instant that Burgoyne walked in. “Doctor? What are you doing right here? Are you okay? ” Selar attempted to talk, yet couldn’t get phrases out. as a substitute she took steps ahead, grabbed Burgoyne, and kissed hir forcefully, swept up in Pon Farr, stuck up in her want, and understanding, eventually, for as soon as, precisely what she sought after. No phrases have been required. And Burgoyne by no means did get that 5 mins’ leisure. big name TREK® VULCAN’S FORGE via Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz Please flip the web page for an excerpt from Vulcan’s Forge … Vulcan, Mount Seleya Day 6, 7th Week of Tasmeen, yr 2247 sunrise hovered over Mount Seleya. a massive shavokh glided down on a thermal from the height, balanced on a wingtip, then soared out towards the barren region. Spock heard its looking name. the place it stoops, one may perhaps locate flooring water or a soak now not too deeply buried, Spock recalled from his survival education. He had little need of such info now. however, his gaze the creature’s easy flight. the steps that swept upward to the slim bridge nonetheless lay in shadow. Faint mist rose in regards to the mountain, maybe from the snow that capped it, on my own of Vulcan’s peaks, or maybe from the lava that bubbled sullenly 1000 meters lower than. quickly, forty Eridani A may upward push, and the ritual honoring Spock and his agemates could start. It was once illogical, Spock informed himself, for him to imagine that each one eyes have been upon him as he his mom and dad. in its place, he targeting his mom and dad’ development. Sustained in simple terms by way of the sunshine contact of Sarek’s palms upon hers, veiled opposed to the arrival dawn, Amanda crossed the slender span as though she had now not conquered her worry of the unrailed bridge in simple terms after lengthy meditation.

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